Our HVAC controls use the Energy One U-Plug Microprocessor which is a "Smooth Ramp Up Accelerator" for residential and commercial refrigeration, freezer and air condition compressors. The U-Plug reduces peak demand and energy consumption cost by as much as 35%.

Magentic Wind Turbine

With the innovation of LED's, our DLC approved LED lighting products incorporate a high level of photometric design, UL Listed and quality control. With no UV rays, no mercury and is fully recyclable. Std. LED's - Highly efficient lasting up to 50,000 hours. Patented Energy One

LED's @ 384,000 Hours. (Second Quarter 2016) 

Magnetic Levitation Wind Turbines are the future of generating electricity from natures wind power. Our "Maglev" turbines are small, simple fitting, low noise, low maintenance and low wind speed operation. (3-4 mph).

We offer various types of decorative lighting options. These fixtures can be used in residential, business and commercial properties. Check out our catalog to see what we have available.

We offer the most unique solar panel systems and renewable energy products for residential, business, and commercial needs. We design and sell renewable energy systems for any size projects.

ENERGY ONE offers DLC and Non-DLC products to our customers. Please call us to guide you to the DLC products we offer from various Manufacturers.

Our Eco Log Cabins are a rejuvenating place for yourself and our environment. They come with built in sources of renewable energy: solar or wind power and can be off-the-grid, grid tied or short term emergency systems. Let your cabin be powered with clean, quiet, pollution free energy.

A marriage of the most sophisticated high powered LED's and our patented led driver assisted performance electronics has yielded Energy One LED"s a Energy Star test report result of 248,000 hour lamp life with 93 to 95 % lumen and color stability. A first in the LED industry and soon to be the standard by which all will be measured.

(First Quarter 2014)